BAE 1272 (19” rack version)

Focusrite ISA 428 mk1

Focusrite ISA two

Focusrite Trackmaster Pro

Empress ECM-519

DBX 266


Aston Spirit - Large diaphragm condenser microphone (2 of these)

Shure SM7b - Large diaphragm dynamic microphone

Shure Beta 52a - Dynamic kick drum microphone

Shure Beta 57a - Dynamic instrument microphone

Shure SM57 - Dynamic instrument microphone (4 of these)

Shure SM81 - Small diaphragm condenser microphone (2 of these)

Shure SM58 - Dynamic vocal microphone (Transformerless mod)

Crown CM-700 - Small diaphragm condenser microphone (2 of these)

Sennheiser e904 - Dynamic instrument mic (2of these)


Motu 828x Thunderbolt audio interface

M-Audio Profire 2626


Fender USA Fat Telecaster

Fender USA Telecaster Special (Little 59' bridge pickup)


Reverend Double Agent

Larrivee L-03

Ernie Ball StingRay

Roland JU-06


Vintage Marshall JCM800 (4210 converted into head)

Mesa/Boogie Studio 22 - Tube guitar amplifier (Celestion Sidewinder Speaker)

MayFly BC30 - Classic British voiced, all tube, class A guitar amplifier


Marshall 1958B Speaker Cabinet (WGS Veteran 30 speakers)

Peavey 412MS

Atone Amplification Raw 112 (Celestion V30)


Tama StarClassic Birch (22" Kick; 12",13",16" Toms; 14" Snare)

Pearl 14" X 6" Steel Free Floater​

Sabian Cymbals (22" HHX Omni ride)
Zildjian Cymbals (14” K hi-hats 12" Z custom splash)

Dream Cymbals (17" Vintage Bliss Crash, 20" Vintage Bliss Crash/Ride)


Mackie HR824

Yamaha HS50m

Audio Technica ATH-20 (5 of these)​

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